Integrating Families Into Care

Specialist Interest Group (SWIFIC)

The South West Integrating Families into Care Specialist Group (SWIFIC) is a designated group providing support for family care services across the region with representation from families and staff across all neonatal units and areas of care.  Devoted to the delivery of high standards of family care provision we ensure parents are enabled to be the primary carers for their babies in partnership with health professionals. With a key focus on adopting a Family Integrated Care (FICare) philosophy, this specialist group is underpinned by the principles of the BAPM FICare Framework.


The purpose of the SWIFIC Specialist Interest group is to integrate neonatal families and care professionals to work in equal partnership to share experiences and continuously strive for improvements in neonatal family care services across the region. Clinical team members will be champions in family integrated care within their area of practice; supporting, educating, and empowering their team, leading by example and implementing any quality improvement practices developed within the group to local practice.  Members will collaborate with families and staff from all units within the region and nationally on specific projects with the aim to improve family experience.

This group welcomes anyone whom provides or communicates care with families and their new-born baby and any family member with lived experience.  If you would like to be part of this group please discuss this with your Unit Lead / FICare Lead and then complete the Expression of Interest Form opposite.

Expressions of Interest

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