Recruitment Opportunities in the South West

Are you considering where to take your nursing career?  Are you looking for a new challenge?

Whether you’re a student nurse thinking about a placement or your first post, or a qualified nurse or midwife looking for your first steps or a career change – have you considered neonatal nursing?  (You don’t need to be a paediatric nurse to move into neonatal nursing)

Why Choose Neonatal Nursing?

Neonatal nursing is an exciting career with a whole range of opportunities, not only are there the different levels of care but once you achieve your neonatal qualification – Qualification in Speciality – (which usually takes about 2 years to complete) there are many exciting and varied career pathways you can take including

  • Transport
  • Community Outreach
  • Advanced Practice
  • Education
  • Research
  • Specialist roles

and so much more!  

From the moment you start work on a neonatal unit in the South West, you will receive a comprehensive induction (including preceptorship if you are newly qualified) and full support to complete your Qualification in Speciality.

#beaNeonatalNurse and join our amazing teams today 

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