South West: ATAIN

Avoiding Term Admissions Into Neonatal Units (Atain)

Reducing admissions of full term babies (those born at 37 weeks gestation and over) to neonatal units is an NHS Improvement priority.   There is overwhelming evidence that separation of mother and baby so soon after birth interrupts the normal bonding process, which can have a profound and lasting effect on maternal mental health, breastfeeding, long-term morbidity for mother and child.  This makes preventing separation, except for compelling medical reason, an essential practice in maternity services and an ethical responsibility for healthcare professionals.

In April 2017, the sW Network published theSW Report on Term Admissions to Neonatal Units this document has formed the basis of the ongoing work programme for the region.  To find out more about the Atain work programme, progress to date and to download relavent resources please click on the links below: