In February 2016 Better Births set out the Five Year Forward View for NHS maternity services in England. This report highlighted several challenges facing neonatal medical and nurse staffing, nurse training, the provision of support staff and cot capacity. It recommended a dedicated review of neonatal services. In response NHS England commissioned the Neonatal Critical Care Review (NCCR).

The resulting review, published in 2019, highlighted 7 key actions for neonatal care across the UK:

  1. Review and invest in neonatal capacity
  2. Develop Transport Pathways
  3. Develop the neonatal nursing workforce
  4. Optimise medical staffing
  5. Develop strategies for the allied health professions
  6. Develop and invest in support for parents
  7. Develop local implementation plans

The full report is available here: Implementing the Recommendations of the Neonatal Critical Care Transformation Review

The South West Neonatal ODN and South West LMS’s are committed to work in partnership to produce a regional neonatal implementation plan that can deliver demonstrable improvements for sick and premature infants and their families across the SW of England.