Family Integrated Care (FICare) is a model of neonatal care which promotes a culture of partnership between families and staff; enabling and empowering parents to become confident, knowledgeable and independent primary caregivers. Neonatal units with a strong FICare philosophy nurture families into this role by listening to them, building on their strengths, and encouraging their participation in experiences and decision making to enhance control and independence. The FICare model ensures that they can be a family as soon as possible; creating space for necessary medical care whilst facilitating the nurturing bond and love that only they can provide for their baby. FICare is a natural extension of Family Centred Care (FCC), progressing from family involvement in care to supporting them as equal partners in the care team and primary caregivers. (BAPM 2021)

The South West Neonatal ODN is committed to developing and delivering neonatal services that pull together principles from family integrated care, neuro-developmental care and family centred care, supporting the holistic wellbeing of the infants, families and professionals directly involved in neonatal services. We acknowledge that Family Integrated Care will look slightly different in different units and it is important that it is flexible and adapts to the needs of different families, to accommodate their needs, cultures and beliefs.

baby on back, lots of tubes, adult hand demonstrates how small baby isbaby face to face with mum purple hatbaby skin:skin dads bare chest nasal tubes visiblebaby hand being held