My husband Adrian, daughter Elizabeth (3) and I were visiting our relatives in Bath for 2 days at the end of November, I was precisely 24 wks when my waters broke in the early hours on 30th November 2014, i stayed in Bath Royal Hospital for 3 days where I was given 2 steroid shots and then I went into labour on Wed 3rd Dec, I was blue lighted to Southmead early evening as both myself and baby had delivered a bad infection.  I delivered a baby girl which we named Annie May Daddy on 4th December 2014 (my birthday) at 10.32am she weighed 508grams she was ventilated for 4 days then put onto CPAP, we remained at Southmead for 6 weeks we travelled home before Christmas to get some presents which santa needed to deliver to Bath and we spent Christmas and New year as a family with Annie travelling from our relatives in Bath to Southmead everyday.

Annie was transferred by airplane on Monday 15th January 2015 by Airmed and remains in Hull Women's and Children's hospital with our discharge day hopefully not to far away, 

We cannot stress the gratitude and warmth that we feel for the staff, nurses and consultants at Southmead and Hull who not only saved Annie's life but looked after myself and my family whilst we where at Southmead, this place will forever be in our hearts and we will never be able to show our gratitude and thanks for what they did whilst we where there.  

Annie is now 4lb 1oz, although we have had a few ups and downs and the journey has been the most stressful, emotional, traumatic event of our lives, Annie is in extremely good health and truly a little shining strong star who just wanted to share her mummy's birthday.