Keeping Yourself Healthy

Congratulations on the birth of your baby/babies! We hope you feel supported by the team around you who are there to help. However, we know that this was probably not how you imagined things would be, whether this is your first experience of being parents, or whether you have other children to think about and care for. Having a baby in the neonatal unit is likely to also mean that your family needs to adjust their expectations, roles, and daily lives. Please explore this page and the attached links, where you will find more information on how to access support and some practical advice on how you might keep yourself healthy while taking care of a new baby.

baby hand being held (1)

  • What I wish I'd known: We have put together a list of all the things we wish we had know before our neonatal journey and asked the Lead Nurse for the SW network to provide a response.
  • Supporting your wellbeing on the neonatal unit:  We asked the phychologists at St Michael's Hospital to put together a guide for parents and families to help you support your own wellbeing on the neonatal unit.  The guide provides practical advice and a range of links and resources to explore.
  • Accessing Support: Here are a range of local and national organisations that can offer a range of different services to support you during your neonatal journey and beyond.