What to Expect When You Arrive

Unit Facilities

  • Parent Accommodation

    One emergency room on site for parents. 

    Camp beds available for mum to room in with baby. Mothers rooming in can use the showers on the post natal ward and are offered offered meals throughout the day.

  • Parent Facilities

    Family Room with fridge, microwave, water fountain and television.

    Counselling Room available for private conversations.

  • Mobile Phone and WiFi Usage

    Mobile phone usage is unrestricted but on silence inside cot spaces.

    Free Wi-Fi access across the hospital. Landline available on request to staff.

  • Breastfeeding facilities and support

    Breat pumps available for each cot space. All cot spaces are individual and provide privacy to parents. Breast pumps are available to loan free of charge to express at home until baby is discharged. Please return the breast pump on discharge.

    Infant Feeding Specialists are available regularly throughout the week.

  • Facilities for Siblings

    Family Room with play area. Changing area for babies/toddlers inside toilet on the unit.

  • Parent Support Groups

    Facebook group - "Yeovil SCBU". 

Visiting Policy

  • Parents and Siblings

    Parents are welcome on the neonatal unit 24 hours a day.

    Siblings are free to visit with parents anytime from breakfast until bedtime

  • Family and Friends

    Family and friends are welcome to visit between 14.00 and 19.00hrs daily

  • Restrictions

    A maximum of 2 visitors at cot side at any one time

    No children under 11 years old.

    Visiting will be restricted to anyone other than parents in emergency situations

  • Hygiene and Infection Prevention

    Strict hand washing at entrance to the unit and hand gel at the cost space.

Meet The Team