Unit Facilities

  • Parent Accommodation

    Mums who are trying to establish a routine or have a very premature baby will be invited to stay over. We do not have separate parent accommodation.

  • Facilities for Parents

    There is a parent sitting room

  • Parent Support Groups

    There are local parent support groups and details can be given on request along with the local Children's Centre information

Visiting Policy

  • Parents and Siblings

    Parents are welcome on the Neonatal Unit 24 hours a day.

    Siblings are welcome on the Neonatal Unit any time provided they are supervised by a parent.

  • Family and Friends

    Grandparents are welcome to visit between 5pm and 8pm, or with consultation with the nurse in charge

    Extended family and friends are welcome to visit between 5pm and 8pm

  • Restrictions

    Maximum of two visitors at any one time

    Anyone with a cough or cold may be asked to refrain from visiting

  • Hygiene and Infection Prevention

    Wash hands on entry and exit and use of alcohol gel at each bed space

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