What to Expect When You Arrive

Unit Facilities

  • Parent Accommodation
    • Two double bedrooms, one with en suite facilities
    • Three single bedrooms
    • Transitional Care Room with 2 beds and cots
    • League of Friends Bungalow with 7 bedrooms
    • Overnight beds at your baby’s cotside

    Please ask staff if you would like to stay in hospital with your baby

  • Parent Facilities
    • Kitchen with facilities for making drinks and simple meals
    • Daily packed lunch for parents and siblings
    • Accessible Shower Room/Shower Room
    • Toilets
    • Quiet Room
    • Expressing Room
    • Garden
    • Sitting Room/Playroom

    We can offer a Volunteer Baby Cuddling Service for parents who may be unable to spend as much time with their baby as they would like to. Please ask a staff member for details.

  • Mobile Phone and WiFi

    Please have your phone on silent and flight mode in the Unit.  Calls should be made and taken outside the nurseries so that babies and parents can enjoy a peaceful environment.

    WiFi is available in all areas

  • Breastfeeding facilities and support
    • Breastfeeding support from all Neonatal and Maternity Staff
    • Specialist Neonatal Feeding Team
    • Infant Feeding Team (Maternity)
    • Expressing Room
    • Breast pumps at each cot space
    • Breast pumps available to take home when your baby is in the Neonatal Unit.
  • Facilities for Siblings
    • Playroom
    • Garden
    • Volunteer Baby Cuddlers who will look after siblings  (Needs to be pre-booked)
    • TOPPS Day Nursery on the hospital site may be able to offer occasional play sessions
  • Parent Support Groups

    First Tuesday of every month – Veteran Parents Coffee Morning

    Emotional and Wellbeing support from a specialist practitioner – first and third Tuesday of every month

Visiting Policy

  • Parents and Siblings

    Parents and siblings are welcome on unit 24 hours a day

  • Family and Friends

    Family and friends are welcome between 2pm and 8pm daily

  • Restrictions

    Up to three visitors at any one time

    No children under the  age of 16 apart from siblings

  • Hygiene and Infection Prevention

    Please gel your hands when entering or leaving the Unit.  When you enter the nursery, please wash your hands with soap and water.

    It is important for parents and family to visit their babies, but infection poses a great risk to a premature or sick baby.  If you are a parent and feel unwell you must talk to the nurse looking after your baby to check that it is safe for you to visit.

    No other visitors can visit if they are unwell.

    A person can have an infection (for example chickenpox, measles, mumps, diarrhoea and vomiting) and spread it to others before they show any symptoms themselves. Therefore if parents (or other visitors) have come in contact with anyone who has an infectious disease, it is very important that you talk to your baby's doctor about the risks this poses to yourself and your baby.

    The decision to allow visiting will depend upon individual circumstances.

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