What to Expect When You Arrive

  • How to access the unit

    It is best to enter the unit via the maternity entrance on Level 5, secured access so via the doorbell. Are now able to obtain a card - £10 deposit, to gain access into the unit to limit waiting times.

  • Who to talk to about your babies care

    The nurse looking after the infant primarily but all members of clinical staff are approachable directing parents appropriately.

  • Who to talk to if you have any concerns

    The nurse looking after the infant, the ward manager, matron or PALS

  • Talking to the medical team

    We encourage parents to ask if they want to catch up to bring it to the attention of the nurse looking after their baby. Consultants are very proactive in ensuring they meet with families during their week on service.

  • Ward Rounds

    Most ward rounds start at 09:30 Monday to Friday, Ward rounds are then repeated @16:30 (handover to night time consultant) and 21:00 hours. Weekends usually around 08:30 and 21:00 hours).

  • Baby Rest Time

    Between 13.00 to 15.00 hours

Unit Facilities

  • Parent Accommodation

     A 4 bedroom parent flat is available on the unit and additional  parent  accommadation was recently opened within walking distance of the hospital.

  • Parent & Sibling Facilities

    On the Neonatal Unit there is a sitting room with children’s play area and kitchen facilities with microwave, toaster, kettle and fridge.  Tea and Coffee is provided.

    There is a water cooler located outside the high dependency nursery.

    Colouring packs and some activities are available for siblings in the play area.

  • Breastfeeding facilities and support

    Medela breast pumps can be used either next to the infant’s bedside, bedrooms or in the breast feeding room. Breast feeding peer support workers visit the unit three times a week and of course from the nurses themselves.

  • Parent Support Groups

    Plymouth Precious Poppets run by ex-NICU families is very successful. Including a closed FB page, coffee mornings and fundraising events.

Visiting Policy

  • Parents and Siblings

    Parent may visit 24/7 – we currently ask them to avoid handovers 0745 to 0800 and 1945 to 2000 to maintain patient confidentiality. They are also asked to leave during ward rounds unless we are discussing their infant.

  • Family and Friends

    Visitors of your choice are welcome to visit between 2 and 7pm each day. 

    We ask you to limit the number of people at the cot side to 2 people for short periods of time only. 

    Please explain to your family and friends that they may only visit with you and that we are unable to give them any information about your baby’s condition.  Information is only given to parents.

  • Hygiene and Infection Prevention

    Parents, before you touch your baby you must:
    • Remove your watch, bracelets and all rings except wedding ring
    • Roll up your sleeves
    • Wash your hands and forearms thoroughly with soap and water
    • Rinse and Dry
    • Leave your sleeves rolled up until you leave the nursery.
    • Rub in some alcohol gel before touching your baby.

    Please make sure all your visitors do the same.

    Brothers and sisters of babies are very welcome to visit and should be encouraged to gently touch their new baby.  However, we ask you not to bring your children in to the nursery if they have a cough, cold, tummy upset or other infections due to the risk of passing it on to babies in the nursery.