What to Expect When You Arrive

  • How to access the unit

    Centre for Women’s Health

    Level 1- The security staff on the desk will buzz you into the unit.

  • Who to talk to about your babies care
    • Consultant on service
    • Doctors on shift
    • Nurse caring for your baby
    • Nurse in charge of unit
    • NNU Matron
  • Who to talk to if you have any concerns
    • PALS – patient liaison service
    • Matron NNU
    • Nurse in charge of shift
  • Talking to the medical team

    The consultant will update you within 24 hours of admission onto the unit. We encourage parents to be present and participate in ward round daily to enable the medical/nursing team to answer any questions and create plans of care with parental input. The medical/nursing team are also available to update you at any time during your stay.

  • Ward Rounds

    Ward rounds commence at:

    • 9am Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
    • 10am after consultant  to consultant handover on Monday and Friday
  • Baby Rest Time

    We try to keep the unit quiet and the lighting dimmed throughout the day.

Unit Facilities

  • Parent Accommodation

    -          We have 5 parent rooms on the unit. Each equipped with a TV and a double bed. We encourage parents to stay with their baby’s in these rooms (This is dependent on the baby’s level of care).

    -          There are 4 baby and parent cubicles located on low dependency. Parents can stay with their baby’s here on camp beds if they desire.

    -          We understand how important it is for parents to be with their baby at all times and so extra camp beds are available for any parents wishing to stay resident next to their baby/babies.

  • Facilities for Parents
    • Family Area- A cosy corner on the unit created by our SNUG team to allow parents to relax and participate in crafts such as journal making and also creates a space for siblings to play. 

    Rde Family Area

    • The Retreat- A quiet space for parents to relax and unwind.

    Rde The Retreat

    • Parent kitchen- There is a small fridge for parents to store food and a microwave. Facilities are also available to make hot drinks and breakfast condiments are provided.
    • Parents resident on the unit are offered options of hot/cold meals for lunch and dinner on a daily basis.
    • Two Bathrooms (one including a shower) are available for parents to use on the unit.
  • Facilities for Siblings
    • Playroom
    • Sibling Sessions
  • Breastfeeding facilities and support
    • Infant feeding coordinator
    • Breast feeding support staff based on NNU
    • Speech and language staff
    • Breast pump available in every cot space
    • Breast pump hire (free) to mother’s at home.
  • Parent Support Groups

Visiting Policy

  • Parents and Siblings

    Covid visiting restrictions- Both parents have open visiting to the neonatal unit.

    Currently siblings, relatives and friends are unable to visit the unit.

  • Family and Friends

    Family and friends are welcome to visit between 14.30 to 20.00

  • Restrictions

    Up to two visitors can be by bedside at anyone time accompanied by one or both parents

    No children under 16 unless sibling of baby or live in the same house as baby

  • Hygiene and Infection Prevention

    It is important for parents and family to visit their babies but infection poses a great risk to a premature or sick baby. 

    If you are a parent and feel unwell you must enquire from the nurse looking after your baby if it is safe for you to visit.

    No other visitors can visit if they are unwell.

    If parents (or other visitors) have come in contact with anyone who has an infectious disease, for example chickenpox, measles, mumps it is very important that you talk to your baby's doctor about the risks this poses to yourself and your baby.

    The decision to allow visiting will depend upon individual circumstances

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