What to Expect When You Arrive

Unit Facilities

  • Parent Accommodation

    There are 12 rooms in Cots for Tots House at St Michael’s Hospital (8 en suite).   There are TV and fridges in each room. A £20 refundable deposit is required.

    Priority is reserved for families from out of area and families in intensive care.

  • Parent Facilities

    Shared cooking, laundry and lounge facilities in Cots for Tots. Family seating area and sitting room on NICU with fridge / hot drink facilities.

  • Breastfeeding facilities and support

    Dedicated expressing room for Mum’s on NICU. Portable pumps for hire - £10 refundable deposit. Mobile pumps for use at the cotside. Milk freezers available for the storage of small volumes of expressed milk.

    Breast feeding specialist nurses available most week days.

    Lead Infant feeding nurses are Louise Wilson and Sarah Grant

  • Facilities for Siblings

    Communal toys on unit (limited availability) in family sitting room.

    Access to supervised playroom/school at Bristol Children’s Hospital (to be booked in advance, limited availability). Changing facilities available on the unit

  • Parent Support Groups

    As advertised on family support board.

Visiting Policy

  • Parents

    Parent are welcome 24 hours a day

  • Siblings

    Siblings are welcome 24 hrs a day 7 days a week as long as they are supervised at all times and not unwell.

  • Family and Friends

    Family members and friends are welcome between 8am and 8pm daily

  • Number of Visitors

    There is a maximum of three visitors per cot including parents at any one time. Others are welcome to wait in reception areas.

  • Hygiene and Infection Prevention

    Bare below the elbow and hand washing as per trust guidelines.

    All other infection control measures as per current restrictions. Please ask if unsure.

Meet the Team

  • Consultant Responsible for NICU

    Lead Neonatologist: Dr Anoo Jain

  • Head of Nursing / Matron

    Matron: Kay Pullen

    Head of Nursing and Midwifery: Sarah Windfeld

  • Key Staff

    Family Support Sister: Kathy Eastwood

    Dietician: Heather Norris

    Pharmacist: Zoe Price

    Community Neonatal Team:  Lead by Lyn Bryant and Sarah Grant

    NIDCAP Lead Nurse: Rebecca Elson