I joined the SWN ODN in March 2022 so am a new member of the team! I have worked as a neonatal dietitian at St Michael’s Hospital in Bristol for over 8 years. During this time, I have been very fortunate to gain experience as an integral part of the multi-disciplinary team. I have a role clinically to help support the optimal growth of neonates both on the unit and post discharge, and over the last couple of years established a regular outpatient dietetic clinic. I also write and implement nutritional guidelines and deliver nutrition related education to both nurses and medics.

I am involved nationally in neonatal interest groups, and it’s very exciting to see current developments and increasing opportunities for dietitians and AHPs to get involved in research and projects.

I hope to start my MSc Apprenticeship in Advanced Clinical Practice this year, and as this is a new venture for Neonatal Dietitians, I hope we will be able to map out more robust pathways for others to follow in the future.

It’s a real privilege to join the network team, and work together with other AHP’s to develop the workforce and improve standards of care for families across the region.