Geography of the Network

The South West Neonatal Network serves a population of 4.7million people spread across 9000 square miles – the largest regional footprint in England. 

It has a live birth rate of approximately 45,000 babies per annum.  It stretches from the Isles of Scilly up to the North of the region where it borders Wales, and 7 English Counties from Oxfordshire round to Dorset. 

There are a total of 12 neonatal units within the Network as show in our regional pathway poster opposite, including three Neonatal Intensive Care Units, six Local Neonatal Units and three Special Care Units.

The South West Neonatal Network is covered by a dedicated Neonatal Transport Team: South West Neonatal Advice and Retrieval (SoNAR) Neonatal Transport Team

Uhb Neonatal Infographic April 2019 D2 Units In The Sw