How will our data be used?

How will our data be used?

All units within the South West Neonatal Network use the National Badger data management system for Neonatal data.  The system, created by Clevermed Ltd, is used throughout England for collection and management of critical care maternity, paediatric and neonatal information.  For more information on BadgerNet please use this link.

 So why do we collect data about our patients?

We collect data about all our patients for several reasons.  Primarily because the analysis of this data can help us spot ways to improve care and make sure we are always providing the best care to our patients.  It also allows us to compare practice between units so that any best practice can be initiated across the region.  Also we don’t just monitor our standards locally, the NHS as a whole likes to keep an eye on Trusts to make sure that no matter where you are you receive the same high standards of care.  A secondary benefit of collecting data is that it enables us to participate in National Audit projects which also act as drivers to improve care and develop new practices.  No reports created at any time contain information that could identify you or your baby.

 You may be interested to know what data we collect.  We record all the following data:

  • Demographic data (Inc Address, GP details, Data of birth, Gender, NHS number etc)
  • Pregnancy, labour and delivery history
  • The baby’s diagnoses and treatments
  • The baby’s monitoring, weight, respiratory and feeding status
  • Any tests that are performed and their results
  • Details of where the baby was born and any hospitals involved in the baby’s care.

 This data is all collected by the clinical staff involved in your baby’s care.  All data is stored and handled in a secure fashion as dictated by strict NHS policy and the Data Protection Act (1998).