How can we get involved?

How can we get involved?

Getting Involved


Understanding and utlising the experience of parents and carers is a vital element in the development and improvement of neonatal services across the SW region.  The SW neonatal network works closely with the SW Parent's Group, an advisory group made up of parents and carers who have accessed neonatal services across the SW region. 


As a member of the SW Parent's Group you can have a substantial impact on neonatal services across the South West by supporting the work of the SW neonatal network in a range of ways:

  • Providing parent experience and perspective to support the development of new and ongoing initiatives across the SW network
  • Developing innovative ideas to support families experiencing neonatal care across the SW network
  • Reviewing relevant network documents to ensure they are addressing family requirements appropriately and are accessible to all
  • Working closely with the SW neonatal networks charity partner, the NICU foundation, in supporting charitable initiatives that aim to improve the experience of families with babies in a SW neonatal unit.
  • Support the network team to improve consistency of care and access to relevant services across the 12 SW neonatal network units from the parent / carer perspective

If you would like to find out more about the SW Parent's Group please download the information sheet below.  To apply to join the group please complete the application form below and return to: 


SW Parent's Group Information Sheet

SW Parent's Group Application Form


Alternatively please submit your name and email address in the form below to register your interest with the neonatal network team who will get in touch shortly.