Ward Information

Ward Information

Parent Accommodation

We encourage parents to be with their babies as much as possible as we realise this is a very special time for families and such a cruicial time for bonding. We encourage you to stay with your baby in special care areas. If you would like to stay with your baby please speak to your nurse and we will try and arrange this where possible. 'Z-Beds' available dependant on occupancy.

An overnight stay room is available for parents to use. This may be for breastfeeding, for staying and learning to care for your baby before going home, or just somewhere to have some time away from the unit. This room has ensuite facilities, television/DVD available and is lockable. Meals available for resident parent/carer.

Parent Facilities


In addition to the overnight stay room, a quiet room with toys for siblings is available for parents to use. This may be for breast feeding/expressing, family time, sibling play, waiting whilst your baby has a procedure, visitor overflow, education or just somewhere to have some time away from the unit. 

There is a small kitchen area where drinks can be prepared at the entrance to the ward. The small kitchen area in the parent's room may be used if you want to bring your own food. There is a small fridge for you to store your food and a mircowave.

Mobile Phone Use

Mobile phones may be used on the unit.

We encourage parents to keep nursery areas as peaceful as possible to allow their babies to rest. Due to noise we ask that calls are taken away from the cot side where possible.

Telephone and Computer Access

There is a payphone at Level 0 of the Ladywell Unit. Additionally, please speak to the a nurse who can arrange for you to use the ward phone if required.

There is unfortunately no computer access although there is free hospital WiFi available for parents. 

We have iPads which can be used by parents to Skype their baby whilst they are separated. We also use Badger Diary which allows parents to receive pictures of their baby during their admission and during times of separation.

Breastfeeding facilities and support

We encourage parents to be with their baby as much as possible and therefore have a comfortable reclining chair in each speace as well as a breast pump if required.

We are currently working towards Unicef Baby Friendly accrediation which means that all of our nurses are trained to provide you with the best breastfeeding support. We also have an Infant Feeding co-ordinator who can offer support if required.

We have an overnight stay room and quiet room which can be used if you prefer to express away from your baby. We additionally have breast pumps you can take home if you are discharged.

Facilities for Siblings

We have a quiet room that is available for expressing, parent information, private "family time out and play" or for waiting whilst your baby has a procedure.

We have books, crayons and toys on the unit which can be used by siblings. We also have a playroom which is located on the children's ward which siblings can make use of. Children need to be supervised whilst using the playroom. 

Parent Support Groups

There is a premature baby group who meet at the Devon Antenatal Hub. Contact number: 0796632081

We also recommend the support of local children's centres: Barnstaple Area Children's Centre Services, Action for Children, Sure Start Children's Centres.