The Team

The Team

Consultant Responsible for SCU

Dr. Michael Selter

Head of Nursing/ Manager/Matron

Lead Nurse Paediatrics and Neonates – Elizabeth Mills

Ward Manager – Elizabeth Mills (Until Sept 2019), Ade Agorro (Sept 19 onwards)

Key Staff

Ade Agoro (Ward Manager SCU)

Charlotte Bissett (Practice Educator)

Aria Ward (Data Entry/Ward Clerk)


Breast feeding Support Leads – Charlotte Woollacott, Charlotte Bissett, Kelly Campbell

Developmental Care Leads – Charlotte Woollacott, Alice Dawkins

Baby Massage – Katie Goodwin

Neonatal Outreach Team – Rachel Buller , Alice Dawkins

Data lead – Alicia Rogers, Dr Michael Selter

Neonatal Outreach Service

Our neonatal outreach nurses work both on SCU and within the community children’s nursing team.  They enable babies who need a little extra support to be discharged home as soon as possible. They provide extra neonatal input in order to make the transition from the ward to home as smooth as possible.